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Determining Fault In Motorcycle Accidents

Who pays for the damages following a motorcycle accident mainly depends on the state laws in which it occurred and the situations of the accident. Some states have a “no-fault” law which doesn’t take into consideration who caused your accident, while the others say that person who caused your accident is accountable to pay for the damages and injuries to all the parties. A few states take into consideration how much every party contributed to cause the crash.  If you’re involved in any motorcycle accident, ensure that you know how laws in your own state will decide who is accountable for paying the damages. Contact Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Georgia for help.

No Fault States

If you’re injured in any motorcycle accident in any no fault state contact Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Georgia so you’ll need to be reimbursed for your injuries and damages by filing an insurance claim with your insurer.  No fault states usually limit your capability to sue other party in accident, so you have to ensure that your policy is sufficient to cover any damage or injuries you and your motorcycle suffers.  In most of the no fault insurance states, you can easily file a lawsuit to recover any non economic damages like pain and sufferings if the costs of those damages or injuries exceeds a certain point.  Even if you reside in any no fault insurance state, you must consult with a knowledgeable Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and get information that you require about your rights to sue for injuries you suffer.

The Fault Based Law - Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Georgia

If you’re injured in any state which takes fault in account when determining who is accountable for a motorcycle accident, then you’ll require filing a claim with insurance company of at fault driver.  In almost all these states, the amount of fault every driver has will play an important factor in determining how much every party is accountable for paying.  Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Georgia says the legal name for this is "comparative fault.” The three common scenarios include:

  • Pure Comparative Faults: In pure comparative faults system, every driver can recover the money that pays out for percent of damages only they didn’t cause whilst they are accountable for percent of damage cost that they did. 
  • The 51 Percent Rule: In proportional comparative fault states that follow the 51 Percent Rule, the driver can just recover money in case they are lesser than 51 percent at fault for that accident. 
  • The 50 Percent Rule: The comparative fault states having 50 Percent Rule are same as 51 Percent Rule states, but, in order to recuperate a driver should be lesser than 50 Percent at fault to recover damages and injuries.  A driver at 49 Percent fault or lesser is capable to recover, while the drivers with 50 Percent or more aren’t allowed to get the damages.

In the fault states that avoid a driver from getting the costs of damages as they contributed a lot to the motorcycle accident, it’s important to have insurance policy which protects you.  Even though you can’t file the insurance claim to recover money from the other parties in accident, you must have Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who helps you recover all the costs quickly.

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney - How Fault is Decided?

Fault is decided by analyzing a lot of factors which caused the motorcycle accident.  Similar factors that add to fault in motorcycle accidents also add to the fault in motorcycle accident, and include road and weather conditions, how speedily the vehicles were moving, and whether the vehicle drivers were ever impaired by alcohol or fatigue. Get in touch with Motorcycle Accident Attorney Georgia to make your claim. 

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will advise you about the fault standard in your own state, and how the fault will be decided in your specific case.  Talking with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Georgia is normally free and doesn’t obligate you to employ Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney.